Overcoming Burn Out...


Burn out syndrome is a state of physical and mental exhaustion caused by one's professional life. More here

Business Trainings


Whether you are a CEO or an entry level employee this training series will expand your professional capabilities

Performance Psychology


Get your brain in gear to become more efficient, more effective all while achieving a better mental and emotional balance. More info here

Rejuvenation Retreat


Experience high quality down time in a place of scenic beauty and splendour. Regenerate, rejuvenate, recharge, relax. More info here

Practitioner Training


Needing a new career direction? Want to fully expand your personal and professional capabilities? More information here

Think Better, Work Better...


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Master The Art Of Conflict Management

Solutions For Work, Life and Beyond. For training dates and locations see events here

F.O.C.U.S. Brain Bio Centre

Your brain weighs in at around only 3 pounds and is 60% fat. Yet it controls every function that takes place in your body, determines how you think and feel and every interaction you have with the outside world is controlled by your brain. Ultimately, its your brain that determines how happy you are, how effective you are and consequently how successful you are going to be whether in business, sport, personal challenges, relationships or just maintaining general well being.

Does all this mean there is something very special about your brain? Absolutely!
For more information please visit www.focusbrainbiocentre.co.uk

Body Mind Medical
In the 21st century, the Western paradigm for healthcare is changing. Notwithstanding the great strengths of medical science, many people now have concerns about key features of our health-care system—among them, the widespread use of medical drugs and a relative de-emphasis on preventive care.

What is the most effective way to nurture your own optimal health? Are there sound alternatives to the drugs so common in our health-care system, which can carry unwanted consequences and side effects?

For more information visit our sister site at www.bodymindmedical.com